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OT: Way OT - audio perception experiment

From:Sai Emrys <saizai@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 7, 2004, 4:41

I'm doing a research project to test a theory mentioned in my Music
108M class (UC Berkeley) - that, if you hear a sequence of sounds with
ABBABBABBABB... <i>exactly</i> the same spacing, the As being louder
than Bs, you'll perceive the As as coming "early". I'd appreciate some
help as test subjects.

The web page is cross-platform, though you'll need Windows Media
Player in some form. (Many thanks to <lj user="pigrew"> for making

Please go to , and follow the
instructions. It's pretty simple, and I hope my explanations are
clear. You listen to the beeps, and click the link that's appropriate.
Do *not* reload pages; click the links, or go back to the root; if you
reload, it skews the votes for your last trial.

There is purposely no "equal" answer. Choose whichever you think is
closest - even if it's marginal or unsure - and if you think it's
really dead equal, just choose randomly. Bias will come up in the

Do as many reps as you are willing to. It's random from a pool of 120.
(Gain from -6 to +6, 1dB increments, by pause 150ms to 250ms, 10ms
increments.) The number says 20, but if you're willing to do more
reps, it'd certainly be appreciated. I will need on the order of 1200
samples, and I have ~430 now.

If you're curious, the stats are at Columns: longer (1) /
shorter (-1); gain difference; pause (.2 is the baseline); IP;

Thanks for your help!

If you're interested in the results, I'll post them within a week on
my journal (