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Good day Mate

From:Cheng Zhong Su <suchengzhong@...>
Date:Sunday, May 26, 2002, 4:56
Dear friends, I have been abscent for few monthes, for
writing a book the name is "From linguistic law to
international language". It was supposed to be
published soon. for this book, I have read some books,
and vistiting some web pages. The more I learn the
more I satisfiy my theory. From anthropology, we find
that the expiration of Neanderthal was caused by lack
adequate 'sounds'. From history, the historian always
wondering why the Greece had such a creativity?
Inrecent years, Pyschologist found the momery could be
the function of sounds number. From all of these, I
think the sounds number is the fatal factor of
language and thinking speed. But Chao Yuan ren make a
little mistake, for he beleive that with more sounds,
a language (like the ancient Chinese ) could be
prouncied every slow. But he also beleive a Chinese
character is represented by a single sound in China,
may be represented by few sounds in Japan was a huge
waste. Leibniz had found that there were some
different logic in Chinese language, but he didn't
find the true reason is from sounds. And from semantic
view we may find that the Linnaeus' binomial
nomenclature system is in fact a Chinese verbal
Finally, I beleive when I learning more, there will be
more books and texts demonstrate this theory.

Thank you for your time
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