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Re: OT: Corpses, etc. (was: Re: Gender in conlangs (was: Re: Umlauts (was Re: Elves and Ill Bethisad)))

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Saturday, November 8, 2003, 19:17
--- Isidora Zamora <isidora@...> wrote:

> >Well, I mean there's no laws protecting Daine > >in > >general. According to human law, they're > >soulless animals. > > Which would account for the horrible treatment > that they are subjected to.
Yep. And unlike (I suppose!) the Cwendaso and Trehelish, a Daine could never pass for a Man.
> Because the Cwendaso refuse to cremate their > dead, some Trehels are tempted > to wonder if they don't have souls, because > anyone with a soul would > obviously want to free the soul after death by > cremating the body. One of > my important characters, Shohon (or Jostei) is: > Cwendaso to all physical > appearances; one half Cwendaso, one quarter > Trehelish, and one quarter > Nidirino by blood; and mostly Cwendaso but > partially Trehelish by > culture. At one point, some men were talking > and rather embarrassingly > forgot that he was listening. Rather > embarrassingly, because one of them > wondered aloud whether Cwendaso had souls. > Shohon responded, "I'm > one-quarter Trehelish, so, what does that mean > - I have one-quarter of a > soul?" They weren't willing to say that he had > only part of a soul, so > that sort of settled the issue of whether > Cwendaso had souls or not.
:) Settled in which direction?
> And over two-thirds of the population would > have a good deal of difficulty > with the release form, since they are > illiterate :)
Hah! Can they just make an X?
> Actually, there is a high degree of literacy in > the military because they > are also a police force, and that requires, you > guessed it, paperwork. The > literacy rate in the military may be 100%, or > it may be that they will > accept illiterate men as soldiers, but only > those who can read and write > can be made officers, even low-ranking ones.
I'm sure officers both in the Guard and Army need to be literate, but I doubt the common soldiery need be any more than functional.
> (And daughters are educated to the same degree > that sons are. The wife of a wealthy man is > supposed to be able to do more > than just look pretty and be socially adept; > part of being socially adept > is being able to discuss philosophy with your > guests.
That sort of situation would be familiar to human women in most of the countries around.
> Printers not only make > books, they are also in the habit of reading > books in their spare time, so > that many of them end up self-educated;
There are no printed books in the World. If you have a book, some monk or slave spent a while copying it out for you.
> >Feathered, yes. Attached at the back on the > >scapulas. Mostly they're used to communicate, > >like how we gesticulate. Of course, they just > >have two extra bits to point and wave with! > > How fun!
Reuires a little more space than just arms and hands, though!
> >I guess they figure a) it's a waste of the > >drugs > >on a Daine and b) the subject is going to die > >anyway. If not on the table then in the > >rubbish bin. > > I would think that it would be worth wasting > some drugs not to have to do a > vivisection on a screaming and struggling > subject.
That's what the beadles are there for. Plus, there's straps and things. And I guess you could always cosh em a little.
> We have a > very good book called _Drawing_With_Children_ > by Mona Brookes, but I > haven't used it yet. I should. I'd learn to > draw, too.
I've heard of that one. It's good from what I understand.
> In this particular case, a tourniquette wasn't > applied in time, and the > patient had lost so much blood by the time that > he reached the physician > that the physician decided that it was safer to > do an amputation than to > try to control bleeding while he put a lot of > bone splinters back in place, > with no certainty that the repair would even go > well enough that the leg > could ever be used again. Unfortunate.
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