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OT: by. OT: Tolkein Non-Fanism

From:James Campbell <james@...>
Date:Thursday, August 2, 2001, 9:07
David Peterson eskrë »

> Anyway, I say it's okay to be a > non-Tolkiener on Conlang! Stand with me, brethren; I know ye exist!
Until I found Conlang in '96, I never even knew that JRRT created langs, although of course I knew of the books' existence, being at that time a Marillion fan; plus, I had been exposed to The Hobbit at primary school - i.e. it was read to us. For the first 14 years of my conlanging (and I can't even remember what I used to call my hobby before I heard that term - I think I just used to invent languages), the only conlangers I knew of were LL Zamenhof and that guy who devised Ro. Jamets /"CjameS/ ========================================================================= James Campbell Zeugma--Our Life Is Design When I arrive in Memphis, I'll put a sign out on the door: "It's OK to disturb me, that's what I came here for." Chuck Cuminale (Colorblind James) 1952-2001 =========================================================================