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Re: Split/Fluid-S systems: A 3-way split

From:Isaac A. Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Saturday, September 25, 2004, 21:13
Chris Bates wrote:

> I know there are some systems where the marking of the argument of an > intransitive verb can be accusative or ergative based on volition. I > also know in some languages some experiencers can appear as datives > (although I don't know of any language where this is systematic), eg > > to me see her = I see her > > If you put all experiencers in the dative case, then (I think) this > would include the arguments of most stative verbs (eg to be red, to be > ill, ...) wouldn't it?
In Avaro-Ando-Tsezian lgs (North Caucasus) this happens to verbs of perception.
> So you could get a three way instead of two way > split in intransitives: > > stative verbs/verbs with experiencer as single argument (argument in > dative case) > active verbs when action is volitional (argument in nom/erg case) > active verbs when action isn't volitional (argument in acc/abs case) > > Do you think this is a realistic system? I'm thinking about doing it in > a conlang. :)
Well, not exactly the same, but a similar can be found in the mentioned group. Three types of sentences are present (in rough approximation): 1. Subject in ABS for intransitive verbs 2. Subject in ERG for transitive verbs 3. Subject in DAT for verbs of perception. I want to use this idea in my newest project provisionally labeled as P36. -- Yitzik