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Re: Relative clauses

From:caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 2, 2006, 17:25
The verb in Senjecas is marked only for mood:
-a = indicative,
-o = subjuncive,
-e = imperative.

I want to indicate a relative clause by a marked verb; there are no
relative pronouns or adverbs in Senjecas.  I want to indicate this
with a -u ending on the verb.  Can I call this the relative mood?

Since there is no definite or indefinite article in Senjecas, I
thought a generic form of the verb would be helpful.

nibêes óósvi µêrsa = "cheetahs run swiftly" or "the cheetahs run

I want to use the preposed particle _im_ to do this.  Thus:
nibêes óósvi im µêrsa could only mean "cheetahs run swiftly."

My question is whether this is a generic mood or generic aspect or



Adam Walker <carrajena@...>