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23rd Century English Poetry...

From:Rik Roots <rikroots@...>
Date:Thursday, March 7, 2002, 0:14
Once again I have found myself hijacked by the muse and carted off to
verseland. This abduction, however, has taken a strange turn - I have
decided to attempt some science fiction poetry.

The narrator is using a 23rd century version of English, and it is on
the validity and consistency of the argot I would most welcome
any feedback people may wish to offer.

Whatever, please enjoy the poem (latest version posted below). There
is a link at the end of the poem to a "slangwrap" which charts some of
the changes in word use, to help people get a handle on the piece.


  Me pup jangles me wake ahead an hour
  for uptime. I stroke, turd, then meet me crew
  to munch us jack. I firstly to galley,
  Medeck me heffy moments ahind. Mack
  and Ame, us ligger and gubber income
  fingershacked, Ame's narna peeled aready.
  Rippen comes late from him praystime. Orchis
  skips jack, her bark sparky work starts early
  down hotside by drivepods, cable lagging.

  Bluecrew starts us new uptime, outplacing
  Leadcrew to them laxtime. I run me dogs
  by wrap through logs and checks, atlink Orchis
  soundmode to us topdeck, so all can take
  us pledge to ride this freeze as Shiftmates, locked
  to eachall, to us firm, to carg cerried
  in us tinny spinning it track to heat.

  Rik Roots
  Second draft, 6 March 2002

  Pop in for a browse, when you have a moment to spare...