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Personal names

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 9, 2002, 8:13
* Roberto Suarez Soto said on 2002-10-09 09:20:44 +0200
> ObConlang: how do you deal with this in your conlangs? Do masculine and > feminine names follow any special rule to distinguish ones from the other?
It's the other way in my conculture, you should *not* be able to guess a persons gender from the name. Preferably, the name shouldn't mean anything either, or be famous, as that leads to bad luck for the child. Name-taboos are quite widespread here on earth, take the Ashanti for instance: they name their children after the day in the week they were born on, where in the order of siblings it was born (firstborn, secondborn etc.). I don't have my Ashanti dictionaries/grammars here at work so I can't give you the entire list... Then there's taboos against giving a name that belonges to somebody who has died, as already mentioned in this thread. "My" lot solves the "don't name after famous persons" taboo by having nicknames, self-chosen or not, being the real, official name so that the generic-sounding given-names stay unknown and thus are free to be reused. It seems to me that in the US, you can often tell whether a name is for a girl, but not necessarily if it's for a boy; as you have the traditional girls' names but in addition many girls are given once typically boys' names. Furthermore, many girls have masculinified nicknames... Harriet -> Harry Erica -> Eric etc. t.