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Thagojian Alphabet

From:Paul Bennett <paul.bennett@...>
Date:Saturday, September 28, 2002, 2:34
Here's the greek-derived Thagojian alphabet:

The order of the letters is:

Romanised       Name    Sampa
a       alpha   A
b       béta    b
g       gama    g
d       delha   d
e       epsi    e
u/w     wu      u/w
ts      tséta   ts
é       éta     E
th      théta   T
i/y     iëta    i/j
ë       ëdi     @
k       kama    k
l       lama    l
lh      lhadi   K
m       mu      m
n       nu      n
%       %ain    N
ks      kse     ks
o       opsï    o
p       pe      p
r       ró      r\
s       sima    s
#       #ima    S
t       tó      t
ï       ïpsi    1
ph      phe     f
kh      khe     x
ps      pse     ps
ó       ómï     O
q       qïphi   q
h       hórï    h

Key in case of ASCII-mangling:

é e-acute
ë e-diaeresis
% n-acute
# s-acute
ï i-diaeresis
ó o-acute