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Multi-Language Dictionary [was: Return to the list ... request for resources]

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Friday, October 4, 2002, 20:39
Exponent wrote:

<<You may or may not remember me:>>

Hey, I remember you!   You joined the list the same time I did.   Welcome
back!   ~:D

The experience I've had with the Swadesh list and language creation is that
it's really not at all helpful.   If you do want a full language, then you'll
eventually need to be able to express all those concepts that are on the
list, but to start from there isn't as helpful, I'd think.   You know what
I've found to be surprisingly helpful?   I have this book: The Concise
Dictionary of 26 Languages.   It is what it says.   The format, though, is
really neat.   They start at "a" in English, and they list *concepts*, not
words, and give the equivalents in each of the 26 languages.   (You need to
know a little something about the language, though, to know whether you're
getting an infinitive of a verb, a noun, a root, or whatever.)   Anyway, I
think that this idea is extremely helpful, as you can just open up to a
random page (page 160), and look at the words ("mute", "mutual", "nail" [as
in finger or toe]), and see if your language has a word for it, or a way to
express it.   In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, for those who have mult
iple conlangs, wouldn't it be neat to creat this kind of a dictionary for all
your languages?   HEY!!!   That's a cool idea!   I think I'll do it!   ~:D
Wow!   Thanks for coming back to the list, man: You've been an inspiration!


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