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Animal Sounds like...

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Friday, November 20, 1998, 16:55
Well, it would just be too tedious to reproduce the color test, so I'm
going to do a new one with animals.  Because Teonaht has some residual (or
borrowed?) Indo-European features, this might be easy for some of you, so
I've chosen some animals that don't have IE roots to mix in with the few
that do.  Those who've been reading my Teach Yourself First Lesson will
know at least one of these, but no fair going back to that.  All of them
"sound" like the animal to my mind, now because of custom, and then when I
invented them.  A couple were taken from the Human Engineering Laboratory
Language test, administered to me back in the seventies, and I simply
adopted their nonsense words for Teonaht.  Hee hee!  Afterwords, I'll give
you the gendered names of these animals, if you want, and you can tell me
what sounds they make in your language.

Sixteen animals.  It looks as though the rule for animal nouns is "a" or
"o" endings...

        damabroh        /'dam@broX/     DAH-mah-bro(c)h
        ykwa            /'ikw@/         EE-kwuh
        kwermit         /'kwErmIt/      KWEHR-mit
        tohda           /'toD@/         TOE-thuh
        kokly           /'kukli/        KOO-klee
        rakkydna        /ra'kidn@/      rah-KEED-nuh
        yno             /'inu/          EE-noo
        nykanel         /'nik@nEl/      NEE-kuh-nel
        kohsa           /'koS@/         KOH=shuh
        yba             /'ib@/          EE-buh
        moltro          /'moltro/       MOLE-troh
        feco            /'feko/         FAY-koh
        vyo             /'vio/          VEE-oh
        fulpa           /'f^/p@/        FUHL-puh
        jyjak           /'ZyZak/        ZHEE-zhak
        marto           /'marto/        MAR-toh

The sixteen answers, mixed up, are here:

        dog, cat, horse, cow/bull, lamb, sheep, fox, badger,
        duck, hawk, gull, dove, chicken, monkey, spider, mouse.

This should be an easy process of elimination.
Sally Caves

Li fetil'aiba, dam hoja-le uen.
volwin ly, vul inua aiba bronib.

This leaf, the wind takes her.
She's old, and born this year.