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Re: Written forms (was: Moi, le Kou (was: verbs = nouns?))

From:Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...>
Date:Friday, January 12, 2001, 22:55
(Delurk again)
Rixuli has a printed script that looks as if it evolved out of a cursive
one, sort of in the style of formal Arabic scripts.  It's all loops and
hooks and easy vertical lines connected by a continuing underline,
proportioned such that it resembles my handwriting to a certain degree.  I
don't have a handwritten script yet; the formal one's too complex for
everyday use.  ( My handwriting's a horror, a sort of molten broken cursive
thing where individual letters depend on others for shape - my lower-case
"r"s are like the outlines of hills or horizontal extensions to the tops of
tall letters, and i've been accused of drawing "f" like an integral sign.
Words like 'everywhere' look like wavy horizontals with angry loopy
ascenders and descenders.  My lowercase d once had a long flourish to the
right that's turned into a wave in the ascender; it hovers over the bowl
like the arch of a compound bow.)