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Re: Online Language Identifier

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 30, 2005, 13:13

"David J. Peterson" <dedalvs@...> writes:
> Radiohead will be pleased to know that Xerox is at it again! For > those of you who don't check every two hours, > a resource was just posted about an online language identifier. > It can be found here: > > > ISO-8859-1.en.html
I think I've seen this kind of thing some years ago on this list. It's fun! The thing I saw then had a list of languages with probabilities, so the results were more useful.
> -Kamakawi: Estonian. (WHOA!!! Way off! This languages is > almost embarrassingly reminiscent of Hawaiian. Now I'm > interested in finding out what Estonian is like, though...) > > -Epiq: Latvian. (Very interesting. This is the language that > was inspired by Inuit.)
Haha! And West Greenlandic is mistaken for Estonian, too. :-)
> ... Anyway, try it out! It's great fun! Plus, this might help out > the "What language is this song/text in?" threads. I hear for real > languages it's pretty accurate. ...
Well, last time we had a text as an mp3/wma... Does it eat X-Sampa, too?? :-) **Henrik


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