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Re: Online Language Identifier

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Thursday, September 1, 2005, 12:24
It's Yhe Vala Lakha:
Original text: Ya trau, ya shawi, ya brech!
It's Nu Aves Khara-Ansha:
Original text: Ro vrero, "Inu'e nusha tihipleya?" Nye vrero, "I'ai ineya. I'ai
ineya, i'ai ineya."
It's Li' Anyerra Tarah:
Original text: Po'i dusao, "Ut'or i li' fau i li' urua?" En dusao, "Na'or a u
faitupran, a u faitupran, a u faitupran."
The Seven Last Words of Christ, in Yhe Vala Lakha
Original text: E revo, ya tau ya yempro naiyeri;" tau eikhai taiyha ya taufai
Ya yhe nyare ara teina naa naikharesh lakhasun E berine, ya an tichya. E
revona, revona, ayhati einaifayaperi naa? Naahuru! Rakhani! Fayani!
Trautinai, e revo radeki, naava lakhatshenaa

It's consistent.  Both Yhe Vala Lakha texts were considered Swahili.

Wesley Parish

On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 19:50, David J. Peterson wrote:
> Radiohead will be pleased to know that Xerox is at it again! For > those of you who don't check every two hours, > a resource was just posted about an online language identifier. > It can be found here: > > > ISO-8859-1.en.html > > Basically it identifies the language that you put into the text > field (a sentence of five words or more). It was reviewed on the > blog Tenser Said the Tensor. The author put in Klingon, Quenya > and Sindarin. Klingon apparently was fairly consistently identified > as Maltese. I tried a couple of mine. The results: > > -Zhyler: Turkish. (Right on! That's what it's modeled after. The > y with a diaresis and the presence of the letter "x" didn't seem to > phase it at all.) > > -Kamakawi: Estonian. (WHOA!!! Way off! This languages is > almost embarrassingly reminiscent of Hawaiian. Now I'm > interested in finding out what Estonian is like, though...) > > -Epiq: Latvian. (Very interesting. This is the language that > was inspired by Inuit.) > > -Kelenala: Malay. (Not bad, actually.) > > -Njaama: Hungarian. (Way, way off.) > > -Sheli: Also Turkish. (That one throws me for a loop.) > > Anyway, try it out! It's great fun! Plus, this might help out the > "What language is this song/text in?" threads. I hear for real > languages it's pretty accurate. > > (Oh, a side-note: It has a fixed number of languages [46] it's guessing > from, and it lists them for you. This list includes Esperanto, but > does not include any Austronesian language, I think... [What is > Malay?] That's probably why a language that looks like Hawaiian > looked so alien to it.)
Malay is an Austronesian language, as is Hawaiian - just at quite a distance in space.
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