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anadews, earthquakes, and going nomail

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Thursday, December 30, 2004, 17:09
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From: "Philip Newton" <philip.newton@...>

> On Wed, 29 Dec 2004 14:13:07 -0500, # 1 <salut_vous_autre@...> > wrote: >> I've got an idea: >> >> I could invent (as much I know) an other mood wich would be reciprocal > [snip] >> Is that an idea? Did I invent something or is there something like that >> already existing?
Perhaps now is the time to introduce Maxime, if we haven't already, to the long-standing acronym: ANADEW-ism. Any time we think we've made up something completely quirky and original and fiendishly weird for our conlang, we're hit with the ANADEW: "Another Natlang Already Done it Even Worse." :)
> It's not a natlang, but Klingon has something similar: the verb suffix > -chuq indicates reciprocal action.
Didn't we have a discussion of this very thing on Conlang several months ago? It centered on the notion of "love," IIRC. How funny that in Klingon it should center on death, at least in your example. :) It takes a verb prefix indicating a
> plural subject and no object; for example, "you and I kill one > another" would me {maHoHchuq} (ma- "subject = we, no object", HoH > "kill", -chuq "one another"), and the Klingon Dictionary gives > "ja'chuq" for "discuss", literally "tell one another" (with zero > subject prefix, indicating -- in this case -- third person plural > subject and no object).
I imagine there's some natlang that does this. On "Let Me Introduce Myself": Maxime:
>> Can YOU say this about your living place??? > > Barry: > One thing you learn here is not to insult someone else's homeland, or > laud your homeland over where other people live, such is rude and > uncalled for, and it causes flame wars.
I tend to agree with Barry, here. I think it's great that you're on this list, Maxime, and we enjoy your exuberance and your obvious patriotism, but what if someone from Thailand or thereabouts were a contributor? Or from any country that has recently suffered terrible earthquakes? One of our members is from the Ukraine with its political troubles at present. "Can YOU say that about your country?" Such a comment, and I'm sure it's due more to naiveté than malice, can sound unbearably self-congratulatory, and that's what Barry was warning you about. I assume your intent in reaching out to us is to integrate yourself here, not set yourself apart. That's everybody's aim, despite our wonderful differences. As for earthquakes, I come from Rochester, Upstate New York. We're on a fault line, and we are not equipped as Californians are with their seismic retrofitting to deal with a big one if it ever occurs here (which is unlikely). I come from beautiful and inflammable California, too, and have been through some "big ones" myself, and seen some horrific fires. My entire family is out west, and I miss them, but despite some of its dangers I'd go back there in a heartbeat if I could afford it. So, good luck on your conlanging, Maxime. Going Nomail for the time being: It's been a wonderful few months! But I'm suffering from just too much Sitzfleisch in front of this durn computer. It's too distracting; I have other writing assignments that call for great stick-to-it-iveness as it is (to the chair, I mean! :); and it's sometimes a vehicle for expressing my anxieties. :) So I'll be back when I've got more interesting questions and comments for you! You all have a wonderful New Year! Vyko, karyts-jo eual ven ffronan! Sally