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nasalless and stopless language

From:Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 19, 2000, 7:54
In light of the recent conversation about the non-existence and almost
non-existence of natlangs without plosives and nasals respectively, in
addition to recent developments within rodnús, I have been flirting with the
idea of developing a nasalless and stopless version/dialect of the language.
I am also having trouble finding the ascii symbol for a voiceless bilabial

the changes are mostly straightforward, but some clusters change contrary to
the system.  a basic example of the change would be:
kal' yox pram sorgebn~ fedzv~m~ r~ wam
/kal joS pram sOrgEbn- fEdzv-m- r- wam/
I-not want steal hot-dog  television and VC2

which would then become
kal yox hwaw sorgevaz fejavú r~ waw
/xal joS PaB sOrGEvaz fEZavu BaB/

where P is a voiceless bilabial fricative (or is it F?).  So is there a
reason for the universality of plosives and near-universality f nasals, or
can a language survive without them?

Joe Mondello