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Re: OT: Codetalkers

From:kcasada <kcasada@...>
Date:Thursday, January 27, 2005, 14:03
I think I was wrong about the Crow speakers (not sure where I got that idea),
but the last surviving Comanche codetalker, Mr. Charles Chibitty (I hope I
spelled that right), came to a couple of our powwows up here.
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>>>> # 1<salut_vous_autre@...> 01/26/05 10:14 AM >>> >>>As you probably know, there was also a small group of Comanche >>>codetalkers. I >>>am trying to remember if I read somewhere that a few Crow speakers did >>>this, >>>too--anybody heard that? >> >>Comanche and Crow? >> >>I've never heard they did codes like navaho > >I don't know about Crow, but I am checking in a book right now (I work in >a University Library) that talks a little about Comanche code talkers: >"Navajo code-talkers served in the Pacific theatre during World War II, but >few know about the Comanche code-talkers who served in the European >theatre. As descendants of the Comanches who once roamed the Panhandle >and West Texas, the code-talkers relayed information using their language >as a code that our enemies neither understood nor could learn to understand." >(_The Indian Texans_, James M. Smallwood, 2004, p. 104 sidebar.) > >[snip Navajo stuff] >>Does someone here speaks navajo? > >I wish :))) > >>It is probably very intersting to learn for a conlanger... > >That's why I have looked at it as inspiration for emindahken... > >>If the subject and the object can only be indicated on the verb, is it a >>language that is neither ergative nor accusative? > >Not sure. To my way of thinking, I don't care whether it is >accusative/ergative/Split-S or something else, as long as it can >convey meaning without large amounts of ambiguity. :) > >James W.