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Re: CHAT: Colectives (Re: CHAT: use of "they")

From:David Crowell <dpctrdk@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 30, 1998, 1:58
For the Esperanto language:
Aro means a collective of something.

As a compound it can mean:
a) every one in the world from the respective type
homo - man, homaro - humanity
gazet(ar)o - newspaper / press

b) all that belongs with in a definite unito
est(ar)o -  boss / the brass
vagon(ar)o - car / train

c) a list or collection in a book:
vort(ar)o - word / dictionary
hor(ar)o - hour / time-schedule

d) a herd or group of animals:
sxaf(ar)o - sheep /  herd of sheep
fisx(ar)o - fish/ school of fish

e) a pluralization:
sent(ar)o - seat / group of seats

> Anybody knows how the -aro sufix in > Esperanto works?
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