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Adjectives, Particles, and This ( etc ), and Conjunctions

From:Luís Henrique <luisb@...>
Date:Friday, January 19, 2001, 19:49
dirk elzinga wrote:
>Nik Taylor wrote: >>Are there any examples of that in natlangs, then?
>Well, probably not exactly what you're looking for, but Shoshoni >has a highly articulated demonstrative system; here's how it >works.
>Demonstratives consist of two parts, a proximal prefix and a >demonstrative stem. Most prefixes come in pairs, one with an >initial s- and one without. The s- forms are more definite and >are used for previously mentioned referents. Each pair shows >relative distance--spatial, temporal as well as psychological. >Here are the prefixes with the demonstrative stem -tyn (/y/ is a >high central unrounded vowel): > > si-, i- 'near' (sityn 'this') > se-, e- 'not quite so near' (setyn 'this') > sa-, a- 'far, but in sight' (satyn 'that') > su-, u- 'not in sight, usually far' (sutyn 'that') > ma- no distinction (matyn 'this, that') >
> >Dirk
Nice! I suppose that if shoshone was a conlang, it would be said that it is unnaturalically regular! Banin is a pain on the demonstratives chapter. It distinguishes proximity, position in the discourse ("that that you were speaking about", "this that I am going to talk about now"), visibility, and knowledge ("this that I know, but you don't"). And them they have a weird set of relative pronouns. Some examples (I don't believe they have a regular system): ussu - the one I've been talking about fassu - the one you've been talking about rassu - the one he/she/them/somebody has been talking about utu - the one I am talking about now lafatu - the one we are talking about uru - the one I am going to talk about next ugu - this, the one that is with me fagu - that, the one that is with you sufagu - that, the one that is far from both of us ragu - that, the one that's with the person we're talking about ulu - this that I can see uzu - this that I know sefazu - this that you DON'T know Whew! And I fear that they may combine those things, such as "lafatuserazu", this that we were talking about and that they don't know! It must be something they eat - or that they smoke. Luís Henrique ___________________________________________________________ O e-mail que vai aonde você está.