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Re: OT: TECH: tree diagram program

From:David Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Thursday, November 13, 2003, 20:24
Ooh, I do!   I know of two.   The first is an excellent program, but
unfortunately, not free (even less free if you have Windows and not Mac).   It allows
you to create your own grammar, and your own rules on what can attach to what.
  It's quite involved.   However, it ain't free.   The program is called
Trees, and it was made by Tony Kroch.   You can google for it by writing "Trees
Program Tony Kroch".   Or, if you happen to have a Mac, I can send it to you, in
which case it wouldn't have to cost money.   ;)   But you didn't hear that
from me!

The other program is really excellent as well, but its graphic display (when
you actually print it out) isn't the best.   It's got no grammar: Anything can
attach to anything.   This is helpful if you're in a syntax class that's
creating possible grammars that aren't actually correct, but for which you still
need to draw trees.   I have this program, as well (as its free), but I never
use it because it doesn't print well.   It's called the Student's Syntax
Companion, and if you google for that, you'll find it easily.   The only problem:
While it works for my Mac, my girlfriend and I have tried everything, and can't
get it to work for Windows.   If you happen to have a machine running Windows
and you can get it to work, I would *REALLY, REALLY, REALLY* appreciate it if
you could tell me how to do it, as my girlfriend currently has to draw her
trees by hand (or use my computer, which she doesn't want to do).