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Re: New York Meeting? (was: Re: New England Meeting? )

From:Tim Smith <timsmith@...>
Date:Friday, March 17, 2000, 3:02
At 06:31 PM 3/16/2000 -0500, Steg Belsky wrote:
>Or how about a New York meeting? >If we make a get-together in Albany or so, it'll probably be more central >for everyone involved....NYC Metro Area, Boston/Providence, Rochester, >Ithaca,'d probably involve more people, too.
I'll gladly second this suggestion (in fact, I've suggested it myself in the past -- but then, I'm biased because I live in Albany). If people are interested, I'd be willing to do some kind of organizing (or host something at my house if there aren't too many people). But, as I've already said to Kenji off-list, I'd also be willing to go to Boston if there's a gathering there, assuming that the timing is right (or anyplace else within a few hours' driving time from here). Yet another idea is for a bunch of conlangers to go to a pre-existing science fiction convention and have a conlang-con-within-the-con. For example, <free plug> Albacon 2000 October 6-8 (Columbus Day Weekend) Ramada Inn, Schenectady, NY (rooms $73 single, $78 for 2-4) Guest of Honor: Glen Cook Artist Guest of Honor: Joe DeVito Fan Guest of Honor: The Wombat Memberships: $38 until 9/28/2000 or $45 at the door Gaming-only memberships: $10 until 9/28/2000 or $15 at the door One-day memberships: Friday $20, Saturday $25, Sunday $20 Further information available at <> or Albacon 2000 PO Box 2085 Albany, NY 12220-0085 USA </free plug> There's also Worldcon, which is in Chicago this year, August 31 through September 4 (info at <>). And next year it's in Philadelphia (the Millennium Philcon), at about the same time (an extended Labor Day weekend -- a bit late for the tenth anniversary celebration that people have been talking about lately, but maybe not too far off). Of course, none of these ideas are mutually exclusive. - Tim