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God List translated into the Äubrekka Language

From:John M. Dollan <dollan@...>
Date:Friday, February 21, 2003, 22:20
First off, the true name of the gods are listed on the left.  These are what
they call themselves, and so do not represent any kind of "common language"
translation.  Following them, on the right, is the Äubrekka version of their
name.  Although the Äubrekka were initially Dwarves, I wanted to get away
from that stereotype, and so made them into near man-sized beings.  Some of
their concepts and cultural traits are still similar to Dwarves, such as
heavy beards and a love of good craftsmanship.  But they would rather live
in mountain villages under the sun than to exist underground.  Of old their
cities connected to vast underground warrens, but these were always
passages, mining ways, and storage areas rather than places to live.  In
appearance, they are probably quite Neanderthal-oid, but as they age their
thick hair goes from a white-blond for the very young, to black, to deep red
as they get older (age expectancy is about 250 years).

I wanted their language to be a very sharp, "rocky" sound, if you know what
I mean.  But at the same time, I wanted it to be flowing.  One thing we
experimented with was the elimination of L's and V's from the spoken
language.  Now, as I stated before, this should not represent the only
Äubrekkan language.  They have tribes and settlements all over the two
continents.  But it does represent the one culture that I will be dealing
with initially.  If any other cultures pop up, then I will make some sort of
parallel to this one.  At an extreme, this could even be said to represent
their "root" language, which will then change and shift accordingly over the
next several millennia (all races in my series had a central starting point,
and presumably a root language).

I like to think that this will help to impart the flavor of their language,
but as I've said, my knowledge base for this sort of thing is simply too
limited, so any comments would be helpful.  At this point, I know just
enough to make stuff up out of the blue.  Hopefully I will learn much more
while I am on this list!

And thanks to any and all replies!!

Samildanach - Säubrak
Aghisk - Aga
Braga - Borgu
Brannan - Bergak
Elkumrié - Kumrek
Durga - Durga
Vorduai - Fordu
Lil'thea - Ikthai
Malsuínnis - Mestayn
Aelwë - Adu
Sionned - Konrid
Ardu - Ard
Gwythos - Gidis
Menos - Menrin
H'wessa - Gîtza
Anya - Yndi
Asmoghül - Azgodu
Penuas - Fudar
Niamha - Näura
Obroë - Äubor
Iunna -- Yrdis

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