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Moscha Language

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Monday, April 19, 1999, 3:20
I've been researching on some of the languages in Hangkerim --besides
Hangkerimce-- and after the Moscha language is the largest language
besides Hangkerimce here comes what I've found.

It has a much richiest and stable phonology than Hangkerimce and
apparently are not from the same family.. most of the common vocabulary
will be easily explained by borrowings.

It has a series of aspirated and unaspirated unvoiced plosives:
 /p/,   /t/,   /c/,   /k/,   /q/
 /p_h/, /t_h/, /c_h/, /k_h/, /q_h/
voiceless fricatives:
 /f/,   /s/,          /x/
voiced fricatives:
 /B/,   /D/,   /j\/,  /G/,   /R/
 /pf/,  /ts/,  /tS/
 /m/, /n/
and sonants:
 /l/, /4/, /w/, /j/
where /4/ is the alveolar flap.
and the following vowels:
  /i/, /1/, /u/, /E/, /A/, /o/

Moscha is not tonal in the sense tone is not phonemic, but follow some
tone patterns simmilar to Hangkerimce: gramatical unstressed monosilabes
are low and decletions are falling.

They use the same script system than Hangkerimce but modified:
  H =3D no consonant   I =3D /i/
  P =3D /p/            E =3D /E/
  D =3D /t/            A =3D /A/
  K =3D /k/            U =3D /u/
  V =3D /B/
  Z =3D /s/
  C =3D /c/
  M =3D /m/ (inicial)
  N =3D /n/ (inicial)
  R =3D /4/
  L =3D /l/
  Y =3D /j\/

With added symbols.  Most of the added symbols are found in Hangkerimce
texts prior the orthographic reform.

   Chlewey Thompin                              ## ####     ## ## ##
------------------------------------------------##-## ##
   - =BFPor qu=E9 no?
   - No tiene sentido.
   - =BFQu=E9 sentido?  El sentido no existe.
   - El sentido inverso.  O el sentido norte.  El sentido com=FAn, tal
vez.  O sin sentido, como aqu=ED.
    (-- Graeville 2)