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Many & varied case systems

From:Garth Wallace <gwalla@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 17, 2003, 0:19
Let me see if I've got this straight...

S = subject of intransitive verb

A = agent of transitive verb
O = object of monotransitive verb

P = patient of ditransitive verb
R = recipient of ditransitive verb

S=A,O=P,R     nominative/accusative, direct/indirect object
S=A,O=R,P     nominative/accusative, primary/secondary object
S=A,O,R,P     nominative/accusative, tripartite object
S=A,O,R=P     nominative/accusative, massive raving loony object?
S=A,O=R|P     nominative/accusative, active object?

S=O=P,A,R     absolutive/ergative, direct/indirect object
S=O=R,A,P     absolutive/ergative, primary/secondary object
S=O=A,R,P     absolutive/ergative, kinda raving loony?
S=O,A,R,P     absolutive/ergative, tripartite object?
S=O,A=R,P     absolutive/ergative?, ?
S=O,A=P,R     absolutive/ergative?, ??
S=O,A,P,R     absolutive/ergative?, independent ditransitive?
S=O,A=P|R     absolutive/ergative?, active object?

S,A=O=R,P     massive raving loony, direct/indirect object
S,A=O=P,R     massive raving loony, primary/secondary object
S,A=O,R,P     massive raving loony, tripartite object
S,A=O,R=P     massive raving loony, ???
S,A=O=R=P     absurdly massive raving loony?

S,A,O=P,R     tripartite, direct/indirect object
S,A,O=R,P     tripartite, primary/secondary object
S,A,O=P|R     tripartite, active object?

S=A|O,O=P,R   active, direct/indirect object
S=A|O,O=R,R   active, primary/secondary object
S=A|O,P,R     active, tripartite object
S=A|O,P=R     active, MRL object

S=R,A,O=P     ????
S=P,A,O=R     ?????

S=A|P|R,O=P   overactive?, direct/indirect object
S=A|P|R,O=R   overactive?, primary/secondary object
S=A|P|R,O=P|R overactive?, active object?

S=A|O|P|R     hyperactive?
S,A,O,R,P     case overload!

I'm not counting split (as in split-ergative or split-evil) systems,
since you could conceivably have a split between any two systems (or
more if you're really sadistic). I'm also not differentiating between
split-S and fluid-S active systems--assume either is possible whenever
there's a "|".

Am I missing any (sensible) permutations? How many of these are found in
natlangs (I hope the last five at least don't, for the sake of the
hypothetical speakers)? Is there a more sensible way of categorizing them?