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New Czirehlat color words

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Sunday, August 5, 2001, 3:50
I've added a few new Czirehlat words for more non-basic colors.

It turns out that a lot of the colors that looked "green" to me are
actually yellow-green or dark shades of yellow. So I added "gorbi", which
might be translated best as "olive", for those dark shades of yellow and
yellow-green. I also renamed "nuguri" and "nuzari" (the shades of blue) to
just "guri" and "zari", and renamed the word for pink (which was "bizari")
to "nafi". But "nafi" is wrong, so I'll have to come up with a different
word for it (I was confusing it with a different flower, which is actually
pink. "Nafi" is a kind of flower called "Indian blanket" or "firewheel",
while the flower I had in mind is a kind of evening primrose called "fila"
in Czirehlat). The other new color I added, "hlevi", fills in the gap of
pale colors between *"nafi" and "czevi", a pale orange or red-orange color.

With all these new colors, a higher level classification comes in handy.
I've divided all the colors into four categories, with "blue" and "violet"
grouped together along with the neutral colors and the other shades of
blue, and the other three basic colors (red, yellow, and green) in separate
categories. The red category is currently the largest, with two pale shades
(hlevi and *nafi), as well as orange, brown, and magenta. Tan goes with
yellow. Olive (gorbi), grass-green (yeji), and "icy" (kihli) go in the
green category, although "icy" looks really blue on my laptop. (View the
chart on a CRT monitor for best results, and adjust the gamma setting so
the solid-color rectangles in the lower left blend in with the dithered

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