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CHAT: R: Re: Icelandic Numbers (was: Re: CHAT: San Marino)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, August 31, 2000, 14:51
Oskar wrote:

> >It's a *cool* Nordlang. Mere mention of copious, arcane noun declensions > >sends erotic shivers down my spine. Still, I'd be better motivated if > >Iceland offered neat, visa-getting job opportunities for wayward
> > And if I tell you it does? Getting a job in Iceland is a piece of cake. If > you're an educated Westerner, all the better. Speaking or not speaking > Icelandic isn't such a big issue anymore, since we can't afford to be
> when we're looking to enlarge our workforce. You see, there's such a lack
> people to do all the work of our expanding economy, foreigners are being > "imported" to do all the crappy jobs (but educated Westerners could well
> real jobs, though). > > So if you actually want to live in Iceland and learn Icelandic, that > wouldn't be a problem :)
OK, find me a job and I'll be there in two days (just the time to pay my debts and to prepare the luggage!) : ) Living in Iceland is one of my dreams. Luca