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Re: Day & month names (Kash...longish)

From:Carlos Eugenio Thompson (EDC) <edccet@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 17:03
On First Carbon of Tenderness of the first Red Cat, Barry Garcia wrote:

> The Tagalog days of the week are: > > Sunday - Linggó (Domingo) > Monday - Lunes > Tuesday - Martés > Wednesday - Miyérkulés > Thursday - Huwebes > Friday - Biyernes > Saturday - Sábadó >
Well, Hangkerimians did adopt the European 7 days week, but I'm still deciding if they borrowed the Spanish names, the English names, copied names from their original "week" name or translated the names into Hangkerimce. Borrowed from Spanish would bring: dúmînkù, lûnèse, mâretèse, mërekùlèse, huhêpèse, përenèse, sâpàdù.
> Like in Indonesia, Linggó also means "week". The days are taken from > Spanish. > > Months are: > > January - Enero > February - Pebrero > March - Marso > April - Abríl > May - Mayo > June - Hunyo > July - Hulyo > August - Agosto > September - Septiyembre (Setyembre) > November - Nobyembre > December - Disyembre > > Like the days of the week, the months all come from Spanish. September has > an interesting occurance with the drop of the p. Year is "taón", BTW. >
Well, the more "fixed" Christian calendar seams too temptating not to become the world reference calendar in Zërâ and they actually use the _corrected_ Julian calendar (some kind of Gregorian calendar with corrections in the lap years) in most of Zërâ. But the official calendar in the Hangkerim countries is the Hangkerim calendar (which is actually borrowed from the Semtalika calendar and roots to some old Lemuraki culture calendar). This is a solilunar calendar. The year begins at _autum_ equinox (is there a name ofor that equinox that is not Northern Hemisphere dependant?) and months (lunations) begin with new moon. The first month of a year is the first complete lunation (new moon to new moon). There are either 11 or 12 complete lunations. The 12th or 13th lunation, which is divided between two years (or the last if new moon day is the equinoxe day), is a festivity month. The lap lunation is the 8th wish is doubled. Calculations and not observation is used in modern days (since the First Republic, 1200 years ago). Well, I have to come with some names.
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