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Numbers in Neesklaaz

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Saturday, September 20, 2003, 1:15
I'm trying to put together a Neesklaaz font with all the proper ligatures
and combining forms of characters, so I've been going through some ancient
notes. I thought this list of numbers (from way back in 1982) might be of
interest to some of you here:

1 ran ["rAn]       9 zesran ["zEsrAn]
2 neen ["ni:n]    10 zesneen ["zEsni:n]    16 neest ["ni:st]
3 taon ["tAo_^n]  11 zestaon ["zEstAo_^n]  24 taost ["tAo_^st]
4 kel ["kEl]      12 zeskel ["zEskEl]      32 kest ["kEst]
5 vaakh ["vO:x] *    etc.                  40 vaasht ["vO:St] *
6 seegh ["si:G]                            48 seesht ["si:St]
7 luukh ["ly:x]                            56 luusht ["ly:St]
8 zest ["zEst]                             64 yafta ["jAftA]

*I'm not sure if {aa} was meant to be pronounced [O] or [æ]. In older
documents [O] was spelled {ä} and [æ] was spelled {aa}, but later I swapped
the pronunciation of these, and inconsistently changed the spelling of
some, but not all, of the words to match. For instance, the name of the
language was originally spelled "Neeskläz", and the spelling was changed to
keep the correct pronunciation. But in the recent dictionary in Kolagian
Orthography it's spelled "vôkh", so I'm assuming this is the correct

Numbers up to 64 are built similarly to 10, 11, 12... by removing the -t
suffix from the appropriate multiple of 8 and appending one of the numbers
from 1-7: kesvaakh "37", vaashneen "42", seeshtaon "51". Multiples of 64
are neefta, taofta, kefta, vaafta, seefta, luufta, and sort (512).
Multiples of 512 are neesort, taosort, kesort, vaashort, seeshort,
luushort, and khay (4,096). Multiples of khay are not listed, but
16,777,216 is called "forna".

A couple of examples of larger numbers are given: 150 (octal 226) is
neefneesseegh, and 5,000 (octal 11610) is khay-sort-seefzest. Another
specific number I've seen in Neesklaaz text is khay taofta seeshtaon (octal
10363, decimal 4339).