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Talarian Religion / Kemrese rite; was Re: .com/religion

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Friday, September 21, 2001, 0:58
On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, andrew wrote:

I've crossposted to Conculture for those that might not be
on Conlang, and will still want to put their conreligions
through the transponificator.

Running believes of typical Talarians through the seive at
I got the following in the top five:

1.  Mahayana Buddhism (100%)
2.  Hinduism (91%)
3.  Theravada Buddhism (86%)
4.  Jainism (84%)
5.  Neo-Pagan (83%)

Not a surprise. Inherited IE features mixed with elements of
Buddhism, Hinduism and other local non-IE religions are
prevalent. The strong thread of Jesusist philosophy, unfortunately,
doesn't show up very high.

And the bottom five:
23.  Atheists and Agnostics (38%)
24.  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (35%)
25.  Jehovah's Witness (34%)
26.  Eastern Orthodox (33%)
27.  Roman Catholic (33%)

Here's the results [H = high priority; M = medium; L = low]:

God is both an impersonal force and a personal deity. (H)
Gods are considered part of / factes of the Divine Reality. (H)
   [What the Divine Reality is a facet of is anyone's guess!]
Many / innumerable incarnations. (H)
Creation: all matter / life are manifestations of the Divine. (M)
   [The myth par excellence is, essentially, found in Silmarillion.
   Other myths are allowable, as none are "strict canon".]
Afterlife: the soul continues its journey after the body's death
   (H) through reincarnation and spiritual existences apart form this
   world (H) though the specifics of these mechanisms is not well
   known (M).
Problem of Evil: desire and attachment to the world as one now lives
   in it leads to wrongdoing (H); ignorance of ones innate spiritual
   reality / existence leads to wrongdoing (M); myth of the Original
   Wrongdoer (e.g., Satan) exists as an exemplar (L).
"Satan's" presence leads to suffering: Yes. (M)
Suffering: it is a state of mind (M) brought about through (cosmic)
   imbalance / disharmony (H) and unwholsome words / deeds all of
   which bring about suffering here and in the after (karma) (M).
   The Original Disobedience is a force involved in suffering (L)
   but is of lesser importance.
Paths to Enlightenment: worship of specific gods = n/a (H). Initiatory
   and expiatory rites exist (M); people should repent of evil deeds
   and correct the behaviors they lead to (H); good works are
   necessary and promote harmonious karma as well as speed people
   on the path to enlightenment (H); evil works promote disharmony and
   lead to poor karma; need to extinguish attachment / craving and
   ridding self of impure thoughts and actions are important (H); it
   is better to live simply, setting aside the desire for worldly
   wealth; while the Divine can be accessed through "accessory means"
   (fortune telling, divining, magic, necromancy, etc.), meditation,
   prayer and harmonious deeds are preferred (H); ultimately, human
   effort saves humanity (H).

As for those nagging questions at the end...

Elective abortion should be allowed: N (M) [Abortion is completely
moral (and even dictated as necessary) with some frequency. They
simply don't have medical sciences and capabilities that we have;
abortion is simply a civic / cultural reality.]

Homosexuality is immoral: N (M) [However, it is generally frowned
upon by Talarian culture. Male/female role violations, largely.
There are socially acceptable outlets for such desires, however.]

Roles for men and women prescribed by religion: N (M). [These come
via culture.]

Divorce and remarriage are restricted: Y (H). [These, and first
time marriages are considered moral issues, and therefore come
under religious jurisdiction.]

Social justice is a fundamental: Y (H).

Nonviolence is a fundamental: Y (H). [Though, violence is allowed
under several circumstances.]

Prayer / meditation favoured over conventional medicine: N (H).
[Disease is seen as not only a physical manifestation of some known
or unknown process, but as a spiritual imbalance. Priests and doctors
are regularly consulted for medical problems. Essentially a holistic
approach without the New Age namby-pamby rubbish.]

Nature reverence is a fundamental: Y (H).


On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, andrew wrote:
> >Ok, I've done it [run Cambriese beliefs through the seive] and these >are the results: > >Eastern Orthodox/Roman Catholic 100%
Not a surprise at all...they _are_ Catholics, after all! (If I understand their position with Rome aright, anyway.)
>My definition of a Cambriese Uniate was:
Is this your definition of a "typical practicing Cambriese Uniate" or "a gung ho and by the book practising Cambriese Uniate"? In other words, are the points out of the Catechism or from the opinions of Kemrese folk. Priorities in the South might differ a little, and would refelct "typical practicing CUers":
>3. Continuing creation compatable with modern science rather than >biblical literalism, medium priority
>4. Humans die and go immediately to heaven or hell, medium priority
I thought they sailed off the Land of the Young! :)
>6. Satan causes much suffering, medium priority
Higher priority for most Kernow.
>7. Suffering is a part of God's plan, medium priority
>12. Strict adherence to the faith, a renunciate lifestyle, and human >effort, medium priority
Adherence to the faith, at least, gets higher priority.
>13. Disagreement with the acceptance of elective abortion, medium >priority >14. Agreement with homosexual behaviour as immoral, or out of harmony, >low priority
Both get higher priority. Here, a dichotomy between rural and urban thought can be seen. You find openly gay couples in the streets of Esca and Sorduno - but not in little hamlets. Even so, while many people agree that while homosexuality is immoral, homosexuals are not evil.
>18. Disagreement with the fundamental requirement of non-violence, >medium priority
Probably a little lower.
>20. Agreement with reverence for the environment, high priority
21. Disagreement with use of vernacular at Mass, high priority 22. Agreement with reverence for Deva Epona, medium priority Padraic.
>- andrew.