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Babel text in da Wial suin Basa: 'De ina Babel suin Tuam'

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Saturday, October 2, 2004, 0:14

'Da Wial suin Basa' ('language of the world') in the preliminary name
of my new conlang (project name S9).  It is quite ad-hoc, so don't hit
me.  And it is very normal for a conlang of mine... :-)

It's IE, Germanic, a descendant for modern High German with a lot of
influence of a whole bunch of other languages, especially
East-Westfalian Low German, Africaans, Mandarin Chinese and
Indonesian.  And occasionally several others.

It is yet unclear how da Wial suin Basa has exactly emerged, since
only one text has yet been recovered.  The scientists are currently
trying to find more texts and, more importantly, their sources.
Probably time-machines are involved, since it seems to be a descendant
of modern High German although modern High German is now!?

So here's the first text with a word-to-word English translation.

Since articles are very similar to pronouns in da Wial suin Basa, the
interlinears always give the pronoun.  This is handy since pronouns
can encode more number and case information in English.

Do begin with: da Wial suin Basa has two cases labelled NOM and DAT.
It is an isolating language.  Earlier pronouns have fused with the
following article.  Relative clauses like Mandarin Chinese ('suin' =
'de'), negation like Africaans ('geen' .... 'nie'), word order similar
to German and Dutch (proposition: TVSO (that's T as in 'topic', thus
V2 order), aux.clause: SOV, question: VSO).

The pronunciation is similar to High German, though no phonemic
length, only three vowel levels ('aäiouöüe' = [aeiou2y@]), 'r' and
'sch' are missing.  (The written 'r' is sometimes used to encode [X]).


H De ina Babel suin Tuam

  He in_him Babel his tower

1 De du Wial was ain Basa un än Wuat.
  He all world was one language and one:pl word

2 Nadat di fona Si hat los, fin di n'Äbe ina Pais fan ,Sina' un do
  sätel di.

  After_that they from_him East has start, find they a plain in_him
  land of Shin'ar and there settle they.

3 Un di zi sach: ,Lat utz ni Bräk mach un di brän!'  Un di brän suin
  Bräk was fädi di Kamün, un ne Mötke was fädi ne Spais.

  And they each_other says: 'Let us a:pl brick make and they burn!'
  And they burn his brick was for_they they stone, and a clay was
  for_they a morter.

4 Un di sach: ,Lai! Wa wiat bau utz ne Kota un n'ina Tän is da suin
  Kop suin Tuam, un wa mach utz ne Nam, fiadat näch übade du Mail is
  fotail ni.'

  And they says: Come!  We will build us a city and a in_him
  heaven:sky is him his head his tower, and we make us a name,
  for_that not over_he all earth is distributed not.

5 Ma de Hia kom una bidi, fiadat di di Mätz mach suin Kota un suin
  Tuam sä.

  But he Lord come under to_they, for_that they they human make his
  city and his tower sees

6 Un de Hia sach: ,Do is ain Popo, un ain Basa is do fädi du, un wänat
  duade do mach di de du, säo is nu näx mia näch knöng ni.'

  And he Load says: 'There is one people, and one language is there
  for_they all, and when_that through_he there make they he all, so is
  now nothing more not possible not.'

7 ,Lai! Wa wiat zü una, un wa wiat kofun de suin Basa, un di zi wiat
  näch mia paham.'

  'Come! We will go under, and we will confuse them his language, and
  they each_other will not more understand.'

8 Un de Hia fotail di übade du Mail, un di tämin bau de Kota.

  And he Lord distribute they over_he all earth, and they terminate
  build he city.

9 Waide do hais de kota ,Babel', wailat do de Hia de da du Wial suin
  Basa hat kofun, un wailat fon do de Hia di Mätz übade du Mail hat

  Because_of_he there is_called he city 'Babel', because_that there he
  Lord he him all world his language has confuse, and because_that
  from there he Lord they human over_he all earth has distribute.


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