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Lizard was Matt's Tokana

From:list James E. Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Sunday, December 13, 1998, 1:56
Fortytwo wrote asking about the Druni idiom:

"Kiinit straguno bazhi ta asulnishtaan lafiyares!"  (That's quite a lizard
you've got under your belt!)

The origin of the idiom comes from the semi-nomadic life of the original Druni
tribes who lived in the semi-arid desert areas.  A certain species of desert
plant that produced a large water-retaining pod whose shape reminded the Druni
of a stragun lizard (similar to Terran iguana) would be a traveller's only
source of water for days. Skillful desert travellers would harvest a large one
every morning, wearing them on his/her and consume it during the day
extracting sufficient moisture from its skin and pith. Being notoriously hard
to find, harvesting one was a sign of great skill and achievement.

Modern Druni are however quite gleefully aware of the double-entendre, the not
so veiled allusion to one's sexual apparatus.  In other words: you've got what
it takes, you're thoroughly equiped for the job and it is a job well done.

Druni are not as self-conscious about things sexual as are most Terrans and
they love playing with their language often at each others' expense.
Thankfully, they also come with a good sense of humor and are not easily

Sabutovon Drunay (Greetings from Drun),
Jim H