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Rihana: Hetiha-ye Diha-fe 8

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Friday, June 4, 2004, 1:22
NOTE:Obviously this installment was influenced by the modern story (not in
the original
Robin Hood ballads) about Robin Hood collecting money for Richard
This is also connected to other material about Pitibada in Hemana (Jasas)
which is not in the Hetiha-ye Diha series.
John Leland

VIII. Hahula Pitibada Velajomiha
    Redcoat Hotprince Buying

Hetiba-fe-ye tiniba Hahula (Zalibate)
Freemen-of headman Haula (Redcoat)
Hemanathe-ye tiba-ke lila Hemana-de wibo.
Desertedge's lord-from gold Desert-to took.
Hemana-ye tiviba-be wivaro: Here feba
Desert's high priest-to said: If you
Pitibada seba-de ko-vi, kere seba
Hotprince me-to give-will, so I
feba-be fufe sefe lila-ye diha-fe ko-vi.
you-to all these gold-of pieces give-will.
Kere Hemana-ye tivaba-ye tiviba sefe
So Desert's mangod's high priest these
lila-ye diha-fe wibo, fe Hahula-de
gold-of pieces took, and Redcoat-to
Pitibada wiko. Se-ve Hahula Pitibada-be
Hotprince gave. This-after Redcoat Hotprince-to
wivaro: "Here seba feba-be hetiha ko-vi.
said: "If I you-to freedom give-will,
feba seba-ye baka-fe-de vebaka-fe-ye
you my people-to their
hetiha ko-gi tuvaro-vi-hi?"
freedom give-to order-will-query?"
Pitibada wivaro veba jo-vi.
Hotprince said he do-will.
Copied 3.18.04