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joining concultures

From:Kenji Schwarz <schwarz@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 6, 1999, 0:49
On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Hawksinger wrote:

> Perhaps the thing to do, is to not have a constant interaction or to > do so relative to the real world. In other words, Nowapan could very
Agreed -- otherwise we'd hardly be able to con-sneeze without consulting about it.
> Same thing for the Salat, if they are on Sakhalin. If they are in > Nowapan, they could still have a great deal of autonomy, kind of a > Salat Autonomous Republic if you will. > > Or maybe we need a League of Con-Nations :) > Just thinking, this could be interesting.
Definitely :) What I'll do is try to sketch out the historical (and pre-historical) background of the Sayat-speakers, _without_ trying to tailor it specially to fit into the Nowapan picture. I'll post it to you (and anyone else who's interested, I figure) and let you give your opinion on whether they're compatible, and if so, how; and then, if so, what would need to be changed in my outline to make it work. (The Nowapan pages are great, BTW -- I found myself really wanting there to be _more_ of it to read! And, for that matter, same with the To^lte -- I've always been fascinated with Antarctica :) ) Kenji