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Workshops Review #07

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 15, 2005, 17:19
A bit belated (Real Life, y'know)...
...REVIEW #07 (covering the period from Mar 06 to Mar 12):

I put authors' names in square brackets, and projects names in figure ones.

A posteriori workshops:

"based on lgs of First Nations, Black Africa, Australian Aboriginals etc."
No activity since Feb 24.

"based on Celtic lgs"
No activity since Aug 24, 2004. IS THE GROUP DEAD?

"based on East Asian lgs: CJK, Indochina, India (both Aryan and Dravidic),
Siberia, Pacific Ocean etc."
No activity since Feb 14.

"based on Germanic lgs"
German in FI conworld - is simple past more used there? (continued)

"based on Proto-IndoEuropean"
No activity since Mar 03.

"based on Romance lgs"
{Anglo-Spanish}: Beginning Sketches [by Gregory H. Bontrager] - (continued).

"based on Slavic, Baltic lgs or Greek"
{Kerrannahekka}: A Modern Libyan Greek [by Theophilus Habarakhe].

"based on Uralic lgs"
No activity since Aug 25, 2004

"based on West Asian lgs: Semitic and other Afrasian, Turkic, North
Caucasian etc."
No activity since Jan 04

Other specialized workshops:

- - conscripts:
{Floral} script [by B. Garcia].

- - League of the Lost Languages -
{Alternative English} by [Clockwork Angel] - a few ideas.

- - conlangs in use:
No activity since Feb 11.

Sister groups:

No activity since Mar 01.

Convergent language evolution - (continued).

Groups in other languages:

- - in Spanish:
Analyzing some features of natlang Yunga / Mochica from the north of Peru.
A funny language from Aruba (presumably, Papiamento).

- - in French:
No activity since Jan 22.

- - in Russian:
No activity since Jan 22.

Enjoy your communication!

-- Yitzik


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