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May you all... (Vyh)

From:M.E.S. <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, February 16, 2002, 10:11
Easy enough for me to reply to!  Here's the Vya:a:h,
if anyone's interested.

> "May you all live long! May it not rain on your > heads forever!"
VYH. ROMANIZED TRANSLATION YYinkjankjoekansh-maa ta:mLe-vLLLe yyiauxlta:a:! YYi yy'czyoooepa:a: uunk suuigkja:afoo! 1-TO-1 BREAKDOWN Through.long.period.[indef art]-manner you[plural][plural].may! Onto [honorific].self.[humblizer].head ever[negative].may! VYH. TO ENG. BACK-TRANSLATION Through a long period-of-time, may you all live! Onto each of your heads, may rain not ever fall! NOTES * YYinkjankjoekansh-maa yyi + nkjankjoe + kan + sh + -maa yyi = through, over, on(to), exceed, sur- nkjanjkoe = long time <> nkjoenkjoe = short time kan = period, frame (of time) sh = [indefinite article] a/n -maa = manner, fashion (in the way of [preceding]) * Ta:mLe-vLLLe ta:m + Le + -vLL + Le ta:m = you (plural) Le = to (used only with "may" or wishing) vLL = life *Hyphen (-) between the two links them, and it also reinforces the concept of "live" towards the verb, which in Vyh. would not be the actual verb "live" (as in the sense of "inhabitate") but "exist". Hence, the direct translation "may you exist, this wish being to you and to your life" becomes the idea expressed above "may you live..." * YYiauxlta:a: ( *-> yyiolta:a: ) yyi + auxlta:a: (= _oll_ + _-ta:a:_) yyioll = exist (or live, make a compelling presence) -ta:a: = (not a separate word, added to verbs to express "may" when the subject is 2nd pl. only -- "Haussk'tauxlta:a:" is "Welcome [all of you"]) (note that verbal stem's final vowel turns to _aux_ before adding -ta:a:) * Yy'czyoooepa:a: yy' + czyo + ooe + pa:a: yy' = [honorific, also "cancels" out true meaning of _ooe_; see below] czyo = self (as in "yourself" or "myself"; re- inforces idea that it's "your own" head) ooe = under, below, lower, in-, il- (But here, it is used in conjunction with a body part; so, it gives an even stronger implication that it is "each one of you" whose heads we're talking about. Common feature of Vyh, to call something on oneself "silly" or "insufficient" even though it is not really meant.) pa:a: = head * UUnk = ever, never, (single instance) (Can take on a variety of meanings depending on usage. Here, with a negative, it means "never". In other cases, it can mean "ever" as in "have you ever been there?" Yet in other cases, it can mean "even" as in "I wasn't even there!" or "once" as in "I might have gone once" or "some- time" as in "Could you have arrived sometime around 9?") * Suuigkja:afoo suui + gkja: + -af- + -oo suui = water gkja: = dance (Note that when used together, _suuigkja:_ always takes on the meaning of "to rain" or "rainfall". The Enclaves see the rain [water] @@@as partying, hence dancing, while coming down) -af- = [negative] not -oo = may (wish, desire, used only when subject is 3rd sing., as in "it") M.E.S. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Sports - Coverage of the 2002 Olympic Games