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Answering the phone

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 22, 1999, 16:42
I lost the original post in a sea of posts... But this
is how I answer the phone.=20

1) Usually "Hola".

2) Some people don't let me say anything when I pick up
the receiver; they speak first and even demand to know
who's speaking. That makes me mad. I say my first name
and some of them, of course, don't know me and ask who
I am. to which I say:

3) "=BFCon qui=E9n quiere hablar?" ('Who do you want to speak to?'

4) If they want to speak to me but didn't recognize my voice,
and ask to talk to me, I say "=C9l habla" ('He's speaking') or
sometimes "Soy yo" (which is literally 'I am I').

5) If they want to talk to someone else, I say "Un momentito"
('A little moment') and go call them. If they're not in, I
say "No se encuentra" (lit. '(S)he's not found', '(S)he's not
in'). And if it's not the third call in ten minutes (which is
not rare in my house) I'm still in a good enough mood as to
add "=BFQuiere dejarle alg=FAn mensaje?" ('Do you want to leave
any message for him/her?').

AFMCL, these guys don't have phones or even telegraphs yet (wait
about one or two thousand years). But the way to say 'It's me'
in Drasel=E9q is just as in Spanish or Latin,

        _Qet      sar._
         be.1sPRS 1s

--Pablo Flores