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Rihana: Hetiha: Sehahuzu 5 and 6

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Saturday, June 19, 2004, 20:07
NOTE:  These are the Kushy Yemu versions of two texts on the death of
The one on the burial is incomplete. I  intend to post later the Rihana-ye
versions which are more complete. It may be noted that the word translated "this
city"(Kushy) is the adjective form of the noun Kusha, which was the first
word in this language and the first word in my present phase of conlanging in
which the dominant language has become Rihana-ye. I recall inventing Kushy Yemu
during a bus trip, but I no longer recall where;most probably between WV and
Ohio. Originally it consisted of nothing but vocabulary lists, some of which I
still have.
John Leland

Sehahuzu y Madan
Death of Blackwind

Sehahuzu mewe medadan nono layava y vyeluya Gahuya
Blackwind old had done and he of prisoner Greenman
eku memudan: "Noya kuya vydan dadan nono elude kuya
to said: "You me to live to do and so I
noya ku vysha elu edan dadan. Gahuya luyava eku vydaga
you this fort from go do. Greenman him to medicine
meekudan. Gahuya Sehahuzu y vysha elu luyava
gave. Greenman Blackwind of fort from him(self)
y vysha eku meedan. Nonosee to dehate-ty meelu
of fort tp went. But three days after
Sehahuzu memadan. Luyava y vanyya Nyvyzu seetyya y
Blackwind died. Him of boy Smallwind rebel   of
tydaya medadan. Nyvyzu Gahuya see vadan meeddan.
overseer did. Smallwind Greenman against fight went.
Hytynyya Gahuya eku mekudadan..
Hotprince Greenman to gave...

Sehahuzu y Madan nono Nanadan
Blackwind of Death and Burial

Nyvyzu myyasuny eku meedan tymyya eku memudan:
Smallwhirldwind temple to came, high priest to said:
"Kuyy mevaya memudan nono kuya noya y myyashuny
My father died and I your temple
kude luyava y myyava nanadan nymudan." Tymyya
at his corpse (to) bury ask. High priest
Nyvyzy eku memudan "Noya y mevaya seetyya
Smallwhirldwind to said "Your father rebellion
medadan, elude ku myyashuny kude se nanadan."
did, so this temple at not bury."
Nyvyzu tymyya memudan elude luyava luyava y
Smallwhirldwind high priest killed so he his
mevaya myyashuny kude menanadan. Ku mekidan
father temple at buried. This heard
Seyanakudenana y tyya memudan "Ku tymyya
Desertedge of lord (who) said "This high priest
Kushyya elude (luyava) madan sefy."
Thiscityperson so (him to) kill dishonest.
Nyvyzu memudan ku tymyya sefy ...
Smallwhirlwind said "This high priest dishonest...