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Re: Babel Text in Ini (formerly named Nine)

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 28, 2000, 13:48
>From: nicole perrin <nicole.eap@...>
>Hello all. I've been working on Danny Wier's proposed nine-phoneme >lang, originally dubbed "Nine." My version of it is now called "Ini." >After doing a basic sketch (a small part of which I posted to the list)
>Pam pamum ta natan’a anin’kin na anam nu tu mimpimi kunatamun. Nu pam >kutunuk tuk ikamikatinu pap tu anan’an it u umit a Atina nu pam >tikutamum ik tun’a. Nu pam kukin’anuk it mumum, "Kan’ kintampanu >kunin’kantu, nu kan’ tikina kimpunu mup." Nu pam pamum in’kantu kit >imut, nu ukan’u kit utintum. Pam mi kukin’anuk, "Kan’ kintampanu u >an’kuk ka munun, nu u ampanut kik tu apuntu a tu ita, nu kan’ kintampanu
Hey I like it! It sounds like a "rapid-fire" language. I gotta read the interlinear again -- I haven't really responded to much mail in the past few days (still sick)... More later. (Maybe I'll just come up with ideas for conlangs and let the list members try and make something, at least until I get something working in my projects.) Daniel A. Wier ¶¦¬þ Lufkin, Texas USA ________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at