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Numerals in Sohlob languages.

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Thursday, March 23, 2006, 10:59
This is probably most interesting to those who like to
figure out sound changes from lists of cognates, and for
collectors of numerals.

I obviously will have to work out the other ordinals.
 From a Kijeb POV they are all formed the same (with *-yu),
but sound changes will cause interesting things to happen
in the daughter languages.

I'm mulling over whether I should expand on the multiples of
twelve.  According to "Describing Morphosyntax" the only
known numerical bases in human languages are five, ten and
twenty, for obvious reasons having to do with the number of
digits humans possess.  I'm considering whether the Sohlaçan
are Human or not.  If not they may have four digits on each
limb and so have an octal or haexadecimal numeral system --
most likely octal with random features of duodecimality and
hexadecimality thrown in.

For pronunciation see:

English        Kijeb          Cl. Sohlob  Kidilib    Linjeb

one            *sasa           hah        hah        ha
two            *udu            uz         ud         yd
three          *dyasfi         zæsf       dehy       zesf
four           *fiti           fid        sis        fit
five           *xrimya         xrem       hleny      xlein
six            *nitpi          nift       niçt       nirp
seven          *gwira          gor        ver        del
eight          *ryuba          low        low        liob
nine           *mrusi          breh       briç       bly
ten            *kyafu          cof        cof        sof
eleven         *sfidya         isfez      hyed       sfez
twelve         *kwizdya        koz        pezd       tez
twenty         *udukya         uzuj       uduj       ydos
thirty         *dyasfikya      zæsfæj     dehyej     zesfes
forty          *fityukya       fesuj      sisuj      fisos
fifty          *xrimyakya      xremej     hlenej     xlenias
sixty          *nitpyukya      neftuj     niçtuj     nirtos
seventy        *gwirakya       goraj      verej      delas
eighty         *ryubakya       lowaj      lowaj      liobas
ninety         *mrusikya       brehej     brisij     blyes
one hundred    *gidma          gezem      dezem      germ
gross (144)    *pratya-kwizdya praskoz    praspezd   plastez
two hundred    *udu-gidma      uzgezem    udizim     ydgerm
one thousand   *mura           mor        mor        mol
two thousand   *udu-mura       uzmor      udmor      ydmol
ten thousand   *smufa          æsmof      smof       smof
first          *sasyu          hoh        hoç        ho

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