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Re: eskribiw (was: aspirated m?)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 24, 2004, 21:29
Isaac Penzev wrote:

> It's a Romlang. Moreover, it's a Romconlang. To be more precise, it's my > con > lang project "Ajamiya" that I took back from a dusty shelf and resumed to > co > in it on. > > This is a heavily Arabicized Ibero-Romance lang from an alternative > timelin > - a kind of attempt to imagine how Spanish (together with Portuguese, > Galic > ian etc.) could look if there were no Reconquista, and the Iberian > Peninsula > were still in the Islamic cultural space.
The entire peninsula?? That _would be_ a change! Hmm, if no Reconquista/Reyes Cat?licos, maybe no Columbus!? Or did he sail under the auspices of the Moorish rulers, or perhaps of Genoa after all? The lang remains basicly Romance,
> but the degree of Arabic influence onto its structure, esp. vocabulary can > b > e compared with the same Arabic influense onto Farsi, French influence > onto > English, Chinese onto Japanese, and heavier than Hebrew onto Yiddish.
More details, please-- when you can. What's the origin of "Ajami(ya)"?
> > The word _eskribiw_ is written in Ajami this way (vowel signs omitted): > اسكريبيو
How's it pronounced? like modern "escribi?", or [eskri'bju]??