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Ahh vowels.

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 7, 2004, 14:01
I'm writing pages up for Montreiano, and i forgot that the vowel
system isn't as simple for Montreiano as it is in Spanish. Fortunately
it's not too weird.

The vowels it has:


- /E/ and /O/ tend to show up in closed syllables.

- /e/ and /o/ show up in open syllables

- /@/ (represented by e) shows up in final syllables ending in |e|
which usually are only monosyllabic words (in polysyllabic words,
final e generally weakened to the point of being lost, which is why
montreiano has lots of words ending in consonants, such as the word
for "you ate" - "comist" /ko'mist/

- |i, u, and a| - are the three which have one pronunciation each and
are considered "stable"

Long vowels occurred due to the loss of an intervocalic d, which
weakened from /D/ to nothing, bringing two of the same vowels
together. Rather than hiatus, they simply combined into a long vowel.

/a:/ - cà /'ka:/ - each, every
/e:/ - Fèríco /fe:'riko/ - Frederick
/i:/ - ìóta /i:'ota/ - idiot
/o:/ - lò /'lo:/ - mire
/u:/ - I can´t think of any examples for this

Often long vowels take primary stress, but when they don't, the vowel
that does is marked with an acute accent.

The academy sees them as distinct from the short vowels. And considers
them separate, rather than a part of. So, according to the Academy
there are 13 vowels.

About /@/:

Often /@/ and its representative e  is dropped when words containing
it are attached to other words. Such as verb forms + direct and
indirect pronouns, or reflexive forms:

Da + me = dam - give me. Spanish: dame
Poner + se = poners - to put on. Spanish: Ponerse

/@/ is also lost when certain function words come into contact with a
word beginning in a vowel:

de + agua = d'agua
Que + eu â faulao = Qu'eu â faulao  - What he has spoken.


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