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Re: semitic roots

From:Keith Alasdair Mylchreest <kam@...>
Date:Friday, December 1, 2000, 3:53
Recently someone kindly pointed me to a site with a list of Semitic word
roots. This is a real goldmine, but difficult to use because each root
has its own webpage and a great many gifs were used to represent
letters with diacritics etc. These didn't always display nicely and
of course weren't a lot of use with good ol' Lynx.

So what I've done is write a Perl script to combine them into a single page
that's easy to search, and to subsitute various characters for the gifs.
I still had to do a tiny bit of hand editing, but this way the job was

I still need to add a key to the symbols I've used and add a few links
for the cross-references that weren't linked in the original pages,
but if anyone's interested in seeing the work so far, the page can be
found at :

N.b. At present /hl/ and /hl'/ and /T/ and /T'/ are not distinguished
because they had the same symbol in the original, although they
occur separately in the listing and can be spotted by their reflexes in
the examples quoted. Just needs a bit more hand editing, but that's a
job for another day.