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Tunica Vocabulary

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Sunday, February 26, 2006, 3:06
Daniel Hicken wrote at 2006-02-24 17:22:42 (-0700)
 > I know that Mary Haas created a Grammar of Tunica; I was directed
 > to it by Dirk Elzinga here on the list.  Does anyone know where I
 > can find vocabulary specific to Tunica?  Was anything recorded
 > outside of the Grammar?  Does anyone know?  If so, your response is
 > appreciated.

I've no idea where you could find it, but some vocabulary certainly
was recorded.  From Mithun's _The Languages of Native North America_

 | Surveys of sources on Tunica are in Haas 1973a, 1979a, and Crawford
 | 1975.  Booker 1991a provides a detailed annotated bibliography.
 | Documentation of the language comes from only three fieldworkers.
 | Gatschet collected vocabulary and texts in 1886, some of which
 | served as a basis for a discussion of masculine and feminine gender
 | (1889).  Swanton used the Gatschet material and more that he
 | collected in 1907, 1908, and 1910, for a comparison of Tunica with
 | Atakapa and Chitimacha (1919) and a grammatical sketch (1921).
 | Haas worked with the last fluent speaker between 1933 and 1939,
 | producing extensive documentation of the language: a full grammar
 | based on textual material (1941d), grammatical sketch (1946b), text
 | collection (1950b), and dictionary of forms from all sources
 | (1953).  Additional published work includes descriptions of French
 | loanwords (Haas 1947b) and the auxiliary system (Haas 1977c).
 | Forms cited here are from Haas 1941d.

I can give you full citations for a couple of the references
mentioned, if you feel like tracking them down.  (If you want a _lot_
of them, you might as well start by getting hold of a copy of the
Mithun yourself.)