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Igassik pronouns

From:Marcus Smith <smithma@...>
Date:Saturday, November 4, 2000, 3:02
Here is the pronoun system for Igassik.

                 Singular                Plural
Nominative      ni              Ti
Accusative      es              suip

                 Singular                Plural
Nominative      mo              mas
Accusative      taev            kol

The 3rd persons are a bit more difficult to put in a single chart on a
2-dimensional surface. So here we go.

Formal  - used for civic and religious leaders, and parents-in-law.
                 Singular                Plural
Nominative      krae            mi
Accusative      sor             laf

Familiar - used for family members and close friends.
                 Singular                Plural
Nominative      keom            nos
Accusative      Doy             oen

Proximate - used for casual acquaintances and strangers who are within
                 Singular                Plural
Nominative      now             thel
Accusative      he              na

Distal - used for casual acquaintances and strangers who are out of eye-sight.
                 Singular                Plural
Nominative      miu             dhi
Accusative      Del             koe

Proximate and Distal are not distinct levels of formality. They are equal
to each other. They just encode spatial (and metaphorical) distance from
the speaker.

Animal - used for animals, plants, other people's babies, and social
deviants (criminals, unmarried people over a certain age [yet to be
determined], "freaks"). I don't really like the name for this category, but
I'm following the terminology used for some Zapotecan languages (which
inspired this system).
                 Singular                Plural
Nominative      hiu             oes
Accusative      ew              ngi

The categories are only a general guideline. If the speaker and a family
member are not very close or are angry with each other, the speaker can use
the proximate/distal category. If they flat out hate each other, then they
can use animal - but that is an extreme situation. Poor leaders are never
refered to as Familiar - if they are not worthy of being Formal, then they
drop to the proximate/distal category. Animals are only raised to the
Proximate/Distal level in stories; but plants are always Animal. Sometimes
social deviants are also Proximate/Distal, such as when they do something
extra good - but that is only a temporary usage, they return to Animal soon

So, what do y'all think?

Marcus Smith
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