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loglang vocab again

From:Robert Jung <robertmjung@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 25, 2003, 20:57
Thank y'all for the suggestions - However: Rick Harrison's site
( is dead now, so I can't get the ULD; I
don't want a lexicon with too many roots; and Basic English sounds OK - and
Wikipedia's article "Basic English" gives the words,


PS: Compounds can be very useful and may not be worn out by making those compounds
semantically precise (that's from Rick Morneau's "Lexical Semantics", as 'birdhouse = house for
birds', 'birdsong = the song of birds', 'olive oil = oil being-a-derivative-of
oil' etc. I use this method in my loglang so, esp. noun-noun compounds, are not
ambiguous. And it works.

I've read that Japanese (and Korean?) let you leave out the agent of the verb; is
the English phrase 'thank you', as I believe, actually '[I] thank you'?

Is there a language with a record number of tones? I know Vietnamese and Cantonese have six.

If English had clicks (as in Bushman), what would they sound like? (Bushman, I
think, has over 100 phonemes.)


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