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tender age (was: RE: [CONLANG] CONLANG Digest - 14 Sep 2001 to 15 Sep 2001 (#2001-259)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Monday, September 17, 2001, 0:44
> Samuel Rivier > 16 years old > conlanging for 1 full year (anniversary was about last > week i think- that was marked since the moment i > became interested in linguistics) > > If you guys want some good info on tense and aspect > you should read a book or two on semantic logic. It > assigns tense based on three points in time: point of > speech, point of action, and point of reference. Point > of speech is the time now, when you are speaking. > Point of action is when what you are talking about > happened in relation to when you are talking. Point of > reference is defined as a point referred to earlier in > the speech which further refines the point of action. > > Point of reference is also used to define distant from > near simple past and simple future. Here the reference > point is at the same time as the point of speech for > near, and at the same time as point of action for > distant. > > Anyway, the whole thing is very interesting, so try to > find a book on semantic logic. I recommend Elements of > Symbolic Logic by Hans Reichenbach, which deals with > the subject somewhat thoroughly in a single chapter, > but also devotes a lot of time to the logical study of > linguistics, as developed by Bertrand Russell. > > -Samuel Rivier
Oi! At 16 years old you're simply not SUPPOSED to be reading Reichenbach! I forget exactly what it is you are supposed be doing at 16, but it's probably something like experimenting with sex, drugs, religion, socialism and drinking too much & vomiting in the street. --And.


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