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Hi to the Ukraine from Tokyo (was: Hi from Ukraine)

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Friday, November 23, 2001, 9:34
--- "Y.Penzev" <yitzchaq@...> wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm a 33yo/m linguist from Ukraine. My native tongue > is Russian.
Hmm, a language I've always been intrigued by, but never attempted. :-?
> Now I'm a teacher of English and Biblical Hebrew at > a Bible college in Kyiv.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the English spelling of your city would be Kiev. Or is that another city? I hail from a small town in the middle of a small state in the middle of the US. Now, I make my home in a big metropolis in the middle of a small country.
> In English you can call me "Isaac" :-)
In English, you can call me "Matt" :-) In Japanese, you can call me "Matto" :-L In Finnish, you can call me "Matti" :-? In Spanish, you can call me "Mateo" :-/ In Portuguese, you can call me "Mateus" :-> In French, you can call me "Matthieu" :-Y In this forum, you can call me "Matt33" :-I (...because we've got many other Matts here...) oh yes, and in my very own conlang Vya:a:h (which I often abbreviate as Vyh, because I cannot make the a/omlaut so have to indicate it by a: but get tired of doing that everytime), you can call me "Maththyy" :))
> In my school days I tried to invent many languages > of my own. When I grew > older, I thought it just wasting time, and all my > projects went to a > trash-bin. But recently I've discovered hundreds (!) > of people, practicing > this *art* !
Myself too, I considered it a waste-of-time for a long time. Now that I've found people of a like mind, I feel that my creativity ought to go unhindered with more experience and advice from everyone.
> Guys, you've inspired me!
Me too!
> Hope to start this hobby soon again!
Never too young (as you'll soon read) or too old to conlang. BTW, now that we've established who the youngest conlanger is, could anyone inform of who the oldest conlanger is??
> ...and I like just learning languages, at least a > bit of it, just basics, to > feel the flavour. I've got a REAL collection of them
> now...
It may be a consensus that we all love languages, for whatever odd reasons we each hold. As you may recognize from my email alias, Finnish ranks as #1 for me. Oh... would you happen to speak any Estonian? I want to pick some more of that language up, but only know very basic things like "palun" and "aita". Matt33 __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! GeoCities - quick and easy web site hosting, just $8.95/month.


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