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Cute little sentence (fwd)

From:Ajin-Kwai <wpii@...>
Date:Monday, September 11, 2000, 21:14
On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Adrian Morgan wrote:

> Constructing languages always causes happiness. >
a draqa behi- (a fiameehsk): fo weoc'biokax bai iamxabuna: -or- fo hwaioc'biokax bai iamxabuna: a * ACT:truth fia- * PAUC:all -meehsk * FIELD fo * ACT:irrealis weo * creation hwaio * creation, construction c' * REF:genitival bio * communication kax * system bai * CONJ:direct result iam- * DRV:approaching a state xa * pleasure buna * good, joy, love, happiness, bliss "Always. If language-creation, as a direct result joy-pleasure becomes." There is no single term for "construct, create" that correlates directly to the English words. 'Weo' is the term that refers to the catalyst: inception, ideation, etc. 'Hwaio' is the term that refers to the act of manifestation or bringing into being. The boundaries sometimes are fuzzy, but fuzziness is a basic characteristic of draqa understanding. One could see 'weo' as similar to the sex act, and 'hwaio' as the development in the womb. 'Twi' would be the final result. Also, draqa has two sets of Number particles: Paucal and Count. 'FIAmeehsk' basically means "all of the time (for X)", whereas 'FIKUmeehsk' would mean "all of all times". As you can see, due to wording of the statement, "a fiameehsk" is not neccessary for translation. a pfta, .yasmin.