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Phonological Relay Proposal

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Sunday, September 10, 2000, 19:30
Back in late June, I had a brief conversation with Barry Garcia about
the idea of a Phonological Relay.

The idea was to see how speakers of one language would percieve the
words of another (in fact, it stemmed directly from a conversation about
exactly that.)

The basic premise is that the first person in the relay provides a
written example of their language of decent length. The Babel text could
be a good one, but others would work. They will also provide an IPA
version of said text, and send a copy of it to who ever is running the
relay (probably me) and the next person. That person has to figure out
how every single word would be adapted to their language's phonetic
inventory and it's syllable structure. They will do the same thing as
the person before them: write the passage the same way a speaker of
their conlang would do it and an IPA version, and send it to me and the
next person.

Note that no translation would be done, each word would be adapted on
its own. The meaning of the words is not important, we're just
explaining the sounds.

Also, Ajuk has a relatively simple phonology and syllable structure, so
it wouldn't be the best to start off with.

What say you all about this idea? Don't send any requests to join yet, I
haven't made anything official yet. I'm just looking for opinions.