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translation exercise (Jack Vance's text)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 14, 1999, 1:41
Fabian <rhialto@...> wrote:
> "Where are all the wonderful new art forms? So far I have heard mainly =
> cockroaches and signatures." >=20 > "Just so. It was early realised that every possible permutation of pigm=
> light, texture, form, sound and whatever is left had been achieved, and=
> to strain for novelty was wasted effort. The single ever-fresh ever-ren=
> resource was human thought itself, and the gorgeous patterns of its > interplay between or among individuals." >=20 > Wayness frowned in puzzlement. "Are you referring to 'talk'?" >=20 > "I suppose that 'talk' is an appropriate word." >=20 > "At least it is inexpensive." >=20 > "Exactly -- which makes it the most egalitarian of all creative > disciplines!" >=20 > "I am happy that you explained this to me," said Wayness. "We are on ou=
r way
> to Lena's Bistro, then?" >=20
Very interesting passage. In Drasel=E9q (see abbrevs below): "Qaik arek donth i us=EDrr=FCktel nampal finmadh? where be.3p those * marvelous new arts.GRP _arek_ "they are/stay" (_arsen_ "to be [in a place]") _finam, finmath, finmadh_ "art, arts, [the] arts" =C4t fan famp en gaqurth mi until before now about signatures and kuor=FCtth suenlil sit=F3lnalotsat." dirtbugs mainly PRF.hear.MV.1sPRS _=E4t fan famp_ "until before now" + actual present tense =3D "so far" _kuor_ "dirt, filth, garbage" _kuor.=FCth_ "dirt.bug" =3D "cockroach" _suenlil_ < _su=E9gnailil_ "over-seeing-ly" =3D *"outstandingly" "G=E8n gim. Balu tenti=E1rim=FCaq onthn,=20 indeed true.3s early realised.PV.3sPST that.ACC, vastas, h=E0p, kual, gadhu, pam, mur=E2n qest=E8n omb=FC'd, paint light texture shape sound otherwise being all.3s.REL fpaind=FCenq anthes on i minkanth; taus onth, achieve.3pAntPST this.GEN all * unions.ACC also that, _minkar_ "(re)union", "gathering" =3D "combination" q=FCaq namg=FCftien qg=E1farsen i g=E9ntsentan bloqur. be.3sPST innovate.OBJ toil.INF * gone impulse =3D "to toil in order to innovate was force let to go away" Eldimel elqualnampal p=E0m, resource dr=FCmb=FCntel q=FCaq renes kalas b=FCrr, unique be.3sPST man.GEN thought it rin vel tenm=FCnth anth-sku-ontthes qat=E0qgastel mer=E9kth." with among individuals this-for-thats SUP.beautiful structures _anth-sku-onth_ "this-for-that" =3D "interchange, interplay" Rin pektur i fasn=FCr tresteth g=FCf=FCaq Veinas. with surprise * forehead.LOC paths make.3sPST Wayness _fasn=FCr tresteth g=FCften_ "to make (on the) forehead paths" =3D "to frown", "to cause wrinkles to appear on one's forehead" (inspired by English "make tracks"!) Wayness could have been _U/Veines_, but -es is GEN marker so I chose to render /@/ =3D /a/. "Keburadher i 'snit'?" QRY.mean-to-say.2s * talk "Tup 'snit' i b=F9r, sikent." fit.3s talk * word suppose.1s =3D "'Talk', as a word, fits" (_tup_ "it fits, it can be placed inside the available room"; cf. Spanish "cabe decir" =3D "it's appropriate and possible to say"). "Mur=E2n tadh sunan=FC'th." otherwise however DIM.cost.3s "G=E8n ta -- th=E4n thanain th=FCastel finmes=20 indeed yes with justice there-being art.GEN _thanain_ =3D both "justice" and "equilibrium" rriesteth qat=E0th=FCastel b=FCrr, enq=E9s anth b=FCrrn!" works SUP.there-being it cause-to-be.3s this it.ACC "Rin thanen ars g i anth gendiv=FCer sarn", b=FCk Veinas. with joy stay.1s due-to * this describe.2sPST me.ACC said Wayness "Na Lenes Bistro doik trestaut, ke famp?" to Lena's Bistro there walk.1p+PRS QRY now Verbs are in habitual present tense unless otherwise stated. PRS =3D actual present PST =3D past GRP =3D group plural PRF =3D perfective aspect MV =3D middle voice PV =3D passive voice PERP =3D perpetuative aspect ("ever-") REP =3D repetitive aspect ("re-") GEN =3D genitive case ACC =3D accusative/dative case INF =3D infinitive ("to") OBJ =3D objective infinitive ("in order to") REL =3D relative pronoun DIM =3D diminutive SUP =3D super-augmentative ("most", not "the most") LOC =3D locative case QRY =3D query particle (yes-no questions) * =3D genitive/dative/partitive particle _i_ --Pablo Flores * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The Universe is not user friendly. Kelvin Throop